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Green Fields Nursery School true to it's name is a home away from home where an imaginative & colourful ambience is provided to nurture the carefree young saplings till they blossom. An all round education is imparted in a fun filled environment where teaching and learning are carried out in an interactive manner in an atmosphere of love and care.

The children are exposed to a wide spectrum of experiences bringing about amazing changes in them while broadening their horizon and developing their intellect. Value based ecucation plays a pivotal role in education at GFNS wherein social, moral and spiritual values are taught keeping in mind India's rich cultural heritage and traditions.

Please click on the images to view each album. We have shown a lot of good quality snaps from our events which take a few moment to download.
Mother’s day Celebrations

To inculcate family values and strengthen the bond between mother and child, Mother's Day was celebrated in the school premises on 8th May. The children performed with a lot of enthusiasm. Dressed in colourful ensembles the nursery children performed for the very first time at GFNS and brought a smile to everyone's faces. The nursery children made craft takeaways saying 'I LOVE YOU MOM'!, while the Preparatory children made a card for their mothers.

Rabindra Jayanti celebrations

The birth anniversary of the greatest poet of India, Sri Rabindranath Tagore was celebrated with lot of pomp and splendor in the school. The children presented an array of programs in traditional attires. They were taught that he was a noble laureate who also wrote our national anthem.

Activity based learning
"I hear, I forget. I see, I remember. I do, I understand" - Confucius

Each child is unique and special in Greenfields Nursery school. He has his individuality and his own pace and style for learning. To cater to holistic development of all children, we strive to create a cohesive environment where the auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners are exposed to activities that help in making learning a fun filled experience. Activity based learning is one step towards this.

Baisakhi Celebrations

The festival of Baisakhi was celebrated in the school premises on 13th April 2018. In the special assembly, the importance of the festival and its rituals was explained to the children. The children from Prep class presented a dance on Punjabi folk songs in traditional attire.

Earth day Celebrations

Earth day was celebrated on 20 April. It was a great day to teach children the importance of keeping the world clean and follow green habits. Children from all sections of Preparatory and Nursery took part in the tree plantation and group activities were based on “best out of waste”. A special assembly was conducted where children spoke about measures to be undertaken to save the earth. It Was an enriching experience.