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Welcome Message

Dear Parents,

We welcome you all to the new Academic Session 2021-2022. We would have loved to personally welcome you and your lovely children at Green Fields Nursery School but due to the prevailing circumstances welcome you from home.

May this coming year be full of joyful learning for your child. We at GFNS will leave no stone unturned to bring out the best in your child who is now under our love and care.

Mrs. Akshi Dewan

Online Classes Highlights

  • PTM On Zoom: The Headmistress Mrs. Akshi Dewan and the Academic Incharge Mrs Shilpa Puranic conducted PTM with the parents of Nursery and Prep children through Zoom Meetings on different days from 8 th April onwards to address their concerns regarding the teaching learning process of their child.

  • The feedback from the parents was taken regarding the Zoom Sessions with the teachers and the video lessons being sent to facilitate the e learning.

  • Zoom Interactive Meetings: All the teacher of Nursery and Prep class have been organising Zoom Sessions with the parents and the little children to introduce themselves and make the children familiar with their classmates.

  • During the Zoom Sessions they briefly recapitulate with the children the topics covered in the past week and clear the doubts of parents if they have any .

  • The Nursery children are gradually overcoming the shyness and have started responding to the teachers.

Please CLICK HERE to view the weekly planners for Nursery and Prep classes

Why Green Fields School?

Co-curricular Activities

Integrated Approach

Experienced Teachers

Parents Involvement

Our Specialities

Training and Activities

Our special training to the students

Innovative Teaching: The school aims at fostering in children an interest in realms unknown. They are encouraged to learn new concepts and ideas through thematic approach.

Rythm and Rhyme: Music is an integral part of our school curriculum. The school takes a keen interest in the development of musical instincts of the child, reinforcing it with proper training throughout the year.

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Professional Teachers

Helpful staff for your special ones

Our experienced, trained, dedicated and competent staff help to make learning fruitful and enjoyable for the tiny children. The staff uses integrated approach to learning by providing a variety of experiences such as music and dance, art and craft, puppet shows, dramatization, story-telling, outdoor play and nature walk...

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Learning by doing

Innovative ways to teach the children

The school aims at fostering in children an interest in realms unknown. They are encouraged to learn new concepts and ideas through thematic approach. We adopt innovative ways of teaching to make learning an interesting business for the children from the very first day at school. Some of the ways we adopt to incultate knowledge in children include audio-visual teaching, sports, learning by doing, excursions and picnics and so on...

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Upcoming Events


Non Fire Cooking

Cooking for kids is always an exciting event. Fruit chaat activity with fruits, spices and lemon juice is planned for this month.

Teachers Day

Dr.Radha Krishnan’s birthday is celebrated as “Teacher’s Day” to remember and respect the visionary and all the teachers in our lives.

Making Of Healthy Plate

A healthy plate activity is included to inculcate the knowledge of healthy and junk food.

Making Of Clay Ganesha

Ganesh Chaturthi can best be celebrated with the clay dough . Children will enjoy the activity with the blessings of the almigthy.

Ganesha With Shapes

Art practices will be done with the shapes learnt till date. A simple attempt to relate two subjects art and maths with fun.

Lemon Spoon

A race designed with lemon and spoon . Kids will enjoy running and balancing race with their friends far apart yet nearer with the online connection.

Paper Cup Bridge

A bridge will be made using paper cups , and this will be the part of their craft activity. Art and craft periods are a source of entertainment from the normal studies.

Sprouts In Jar

Teacher will ask students to soak seeds of various lentils and keep it in jar to see them sprout. A stem activity of its kind.