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Green Fields Nursery School true to it's name is a home away from home where an imaginative & colourful ambience is provided to nurture the carefree young saplings till they blossom. An all round education is imparted in a fun filled environment where teaching and learning are carried out in an interactive manner in an atmosphere of love and care.

The children are exposed to a wide spectrum of experiences bringing about amazing changes in them while broadening their horizon and developing their intellect. Value based ecucation plays a pivotal role in education at GFNS wherein social, moral and spiritual values are taught keeping in mind India's rich cultural heritage and traditions.

Please click on the images to view each album. We have shown a lot of good quality snaps from our events which take a few moment to download.
Fun with Hand Print

Nursery learnt about community helpers and their significance in the society with hand print activity.

Christmas Craft

Prep students made Christmas tree craft with paper to mark the onset of Christmas and birth of Jesus Christ .Kids decorated the craft with glittering stars and paper balls.

Community Helpers

Nursery observed a community helpers week to pay their respect to the services provided by all the community helpers .They also did a craft of finger printing on the fire fighters.

Competition of the month

Dance Competition was held on 30th of the month . Most of the kids participated and it was a pleasure watching them online.

Static electicity for the kids

Simple , easy ,and quick scientific experiment was a part of the curriculum of prep this month. It was done with comb, where kids need to attract coloured papers after rubbing comb with hair.

Water has no shape

In nursery kids discovered facts about one of the states of matter -liquid. The most famous liquid water was choosen and they co-related facts and real life situations of water.

Lock and Key

The lock and unlocking system of lock and key was taught to the little kids via the online platform . This will enhance their motor skills.

Tearing and Pasting Activity

To increase the awareness of children on various means of transport, an interesting activity on making of Hot air balloon by tearing and pasting was organized at GFNS. Children participated in the activity with a lot of enthusiasm.

Making of Traffic Lights

GFNS organized an interesting activity to enhance traffic rule awareness during the Traffic awareness week. The children were told the importance of obeying traffic rules. Thereafter, an activity on making Traffic Lights was organised for the children.

Diwali Celebrations

Diwali, the festival of lights, was celebrated with great pomp and show at GFNS on 03 November 2021. The Prep and Nursery children made a paper Lantern and colourful Diyas. Teachers briefed the children on the importance of Diwali and why is it celebrated every year.

Celebration of Children’s Day

Children’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm on 13 Nov 21. The children were briefed on Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and the relevance of Children’s Day. A Dance party was organised for the children and the children were also taught how to make headgear and sandwich as part of non-fire cooking.

Celebration of Guru Nanak Jayanti

The Festival of Guru Nanak Jayanti was celebrated on 19 November 2021 at GFNS. The children were briefed on Guru Nanak Dev Ji and were taken on a virtual Gurudwara tour. The children were also taught how to make aloo chaat as part of non-fire cooking.

STEM Activity

STEM activities help in building up essential skills in children and make learning very easy and systematic. This month an activity on walking water experiment was carried out for Nursery children to explain the concept of absorption of water on tissue. An activity on germination of seeds and sticking of various types of leaves was carried out for Prep children.

Fancy Dress Competition

To enhance creativity, imagination and build confidence, virtual fancy dress event was conducted. Children were asked to dress up as a healthy food and speak few sentences on it. Children participated excitedly and showcased their versatility. Upcoming Events in Dec 2021

Cat Puppet

Animals was theme of the month for the Preps. So a cat puppet activity was designed. This cute pet was a learning tool for the little ones

Piggy Bank

Another craft was piggy bank. This craft helped the kids not only to learn about the domestic animal but also helps in inculcating the habit of savings.

Crocodile Head Gear

Following the animal theme a crocodile head gear activity was designed. The kids enjoyed this activity and also learnt about this water animal.

Fox Activity

Wild animals is a vast topic and this fox activity helped the kids to learn about animals in general in play way method.

Underwater Scene With Origami Fish

Under water kingdom is vast and fishes are the beautiful creation. The little hands made fishes out of the origami sheets and displayed it on paper with their beautiful underwater scenery.

Making of Ravan

Dussehra was celebrated with the making of Ravana Puppet by both nursery and prep. They enjoyed the story of Ramayana narrated by their teacher and learnt the moral values imparted by the mythological story .

Fork Paining In Bear

Nurseries made a folk painting bear to mark the theme animals.

Animal Collage

Nursery kids made a collage of all the animals segregating them to pet, wild , domestic and aquatic.

Chakra Making Activity

The nurserians and preps celebrated Gandhi Jayanti as well as Shastri Jayanti with the making of Chakra with innovative ideas using ice-cream sticks, paint and thread .

Walking Water

The scientific stem activities help the kids to learn about the natural activities like water travelling from one medium to another in a fun way for kids .

Cotton Pasting Sheep

The kids learn about the sheep, their habits, houses, babies and likewise many animals who help in providing wool, milk, meat with the cotton pasting sheep activity.

Shapes With Matchsticks

The nurserians made shapes with learning enjoyable match sticks craft. They also related it to real life objects.

Sprout Salad Making

To highlight the importance of healthy food the Nursery children were taught how to make a sprout salad. All children participated in the sprout salad making activity with great enthusiasm and enjoyed the tasty sprout salad.

Making of Healthy Food & Fruit Chaat

Healthy food is very essential for a healthy body and mind. The Prep children were explained the importance of eating healthy food and the harmful effects of unhealthy food. The children were taught how to make a simple healthy plate comprising of pictures of various types of healthy foods. They also made a healthy fruit chaat with the help teachers. Children were very excited to learn how to make fruit chaat and relished the dish later.

Making of Lord Ganesha with Clay

Onam is the annual rice harvest festival of Kerala. They also made beautiful rangolis with flowers and worship King Bali. Flower rangolis made by kids was a new experience for the little hands.

Teachers’ Day Celebrations

Teachers’ day was celebrated with great pomp and show at GFNS on 05 September 2021. The Prep children made a paper flower bouquet for teachers. Teachers briefed the children on the relevance of Teachers’ Day and why is it celebrated every year.

Stem Activity

Stem activities are always delightful for kids. Nursey performed a stem activity of sprouting of seeds. In this activity kids soaked seeds of chick pea, green grams split and studied the changes in the seeds after soaking of water. Along with these activities kids also coloured citrus fruits and made collages of fruits.

Hindi Recitation Competition


Independence Day

India is celebrating its 75th Independence Day. Prime Minister Narendra Modiji has announced “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav”, a period to rejoice freedom we experience everyday. Kids at GFNS also enthusiastically participated in activities and performed songs, speeches, poems in the assembly to mark the occasion. Preps and nurserians did activities like origami peacock making, finger printing dolphin, drawing of the national flag and symbol activity.


August is full of festivities. After Independence Day follows Rakshabandhan , a festival to celebrate the bond of love between brothers and sisters . Kids made beautiful paper rakhis and decorated it with mirrors, beads etc


Onam is the annual rice harvest festival of Kerala. They also made beautiful rangolis with flowers and worship King Bali. Flower rangolis made by kids was a new experience for the little hands.


The birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated as Janmashtami. Every child is an incarnation of Kanha, and to mark this occasion every year we celebrate Janmashtami. This year kids celebrated Shree Krishna’s birthday with making of matka and mukut. The kids also dressed in beautiful traditional attire to celebrate Janmashtami.

Stem Activity

Stem activities are always delightful for kids. Nursey performed a stem activity of sprouting of seeds. In this activity kids soaked seeds of chick pea, green grams split and studied the changes in the seeds after soaking of water. Along with these activities kids also coloured citrus fruits and made collages of fruits.

Hindi Recitation Competition


Mango Festival

Mango festival is celebrated in the National Capital every year at the onset of the summer season. Mango is called the King of fruits and children enjoy savouring this delicious fruit. As part of the Mango festival celebrations, a Mango making competition was organized at GFNS for the children. It was mesmerizing to see that children gave their creative best to make wonderful drawing of mangoes. Also, a paper tearing and pasting activity was conducted wherein children made mangoes by tearing and pasting of paper.

Rainy Season Activity

The month of July marked the onset of the rainy season. The Monsoons brought in pleasant weather, thundering and heavy downpour. We at GFNS celebrated the rainy season with a cloud making activity which saw very enthusiastic participation by all the children. The children made beautiful clouds with the help of cotton and chart paper.

Sandwich Making Activity

GFNS organized an interesting activity to hone culinary skills of children in preparing simple dishes. Children were taught how to prepare a simple sandwich with bread and vegetables.

Cleanliness Week

GFNS observed Cleanliness Week from 12 Jul 21 to 16 Jul 21. Children were told about the various good habits like washing hands, wearing clean clothes and importance of good health and hygiene. Children participated in a series of activities related to cleanliness and hygiene. Hygiene day was observed on 15 July 21 wherein a demonstration on proper washing of hands and use of hand sanitizer was given.

Eid Celebrations

The festival of Eid was celebrated with great pomp and show by the children. Children were dressed in various attractive attires and enjoyed the Eid celebrations. A Moon and Star making activity was also organized to commemorate the occasion.

Tearing and Pasting Competition by Prep


Environment Week

The nursey class of GFNS observed the environment week from 7th -11th June . Various activities were designed to make the students aware of the significance of the environment in their lives, like - : Say no to plastic, making of carry bags with newspaper, tearing and pasting etc. Nurserians made head gear to spread the awareness of-“ Save the Water.”


The summers were welcomed with under water Jellyfish craft activity and sunglasses as well as lemonade making.

Reading Day

National Reading Day was observed on 19th June. Students rejoiced with the Tambola game, a new discovery for them. Picture reading was also a part of the reading celebration, which enhanced their communication skills.

Yoga Day

GFNS observed International Yoga Day on 21st June. Students performed Yoga and also rejoiced making clay model of asanas.

Father’s Day Celebration

Father’s Day was celebrated at GFNS on a virtual platform. The students made cards and lemonade to show their selfless love and care for their doting father.

Stem Activity

Stem activities make learning fun and easy to understand for the kids. This month kids learnt – melting of ice (transformation of solid to liquid) and liquid can change its shape. The nursery kids learnt to make Lemonade .

Commencement of New Academic Session 2021-2022

The new academic session started from 05 Apr 21. In view of the present COVID situation, the School continued with online classes for the new session. It was wonderful to welcome the new batch of children into the folds of GFNS.

Earth Week Celebrations

Earth week was celebrated with great enthusiasm from 19 Apr to 23 Apr 2021. Important aspects of save the earth, save water, save trees were highlighted to the children. Various activities related to nature and its conservation were organized during the week. Children were explained the importance of contributing towards preserving precious natural resources.

Baisakhi Celebrations

GFNS children celebrated Baisakhi Festival with great pomp and show. Children were briefed on the relevance of Baisakhi festival. Also, a Dhol colouring activity was conducted for the children.

Enrichment and Wellness Classes

With the termination of online classes due to the present circumstances, it was decided to conduct enrichment and wellness classes for rejuvenation and motivation of the children. Various interesting activities, fun games, storytelling, brain boosting exercises, science experiments were organized by Nursery and Prep classes.

Mother’s Day Celebrations

The children celebrated Mother’s Day on 07 May 21. A card making activity was organized and the children took keen participation in the activity.