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Green Fields Nursery School true to it's name is a home away from home where an imaginative & colourful ambience is provided to nurture the carefree young saplings till they blossom. An all round education is imparted in a fun filled environment where teaching and learning are carried out in an interactive manner in an atmosphere of love and care.

The children are exposed to a wide spectrum of experiences bringing about amazing changes in them while broadening their horizon and developing their intellect. Value based ecucation plays a pivotal role in education at GFNS wherein social, moral and spiritual values are taught keeping in mind India's rich cultural heritage and traditions.

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Graduation day

The graduation day ceremony was held on 17th March 2016 for the kindergarten children. An array of events depicting various dance performances, melodious singing, short skit and puppet show was exhibited by the school children.

The chief guest of the program was Mrs. Shweta Kapoor, Director, Green fields Nursery school. School headmistress Mrs. Akshi Dewan welcomed the parents and apprised them of the school activities. The vote of thanks was given by Mrs. Nupur Banerjee, academic co-ordinator of the school.

Book Week

Books light up our world and it is a gift one can open again and again. To inculcate good reading habits amongst children, Book Week was celebrated in school. Children were given the opportunity to choose a book of their choice from the book corner and were told to read short sentences. They were also taught to take good care of the books. To generate more interest in reading, teachers read out few story books to the children. They were encouraged to read and narrate the stories including recollection of new words in a playful manner.


A spellathon was conducted on 23rd February. Our prep children participated in this competition. The aim of this competition was to enhance their vocabulary, pronunciation and understanding of words. The competition was enjoyed by our young ones. Sai Divya Bisht of Prep F showed outstanding skill in spelling out some of the difficult words followed by Tanya of Prep C and Keshav Bharadwaj of Prep F. It was a pulsating event for the young ones.

Republic Day

26th January, Republic Day, is a very special occasion for our country. To have a glimpse of this eventful day, our school organised a special assembly on 25th January. The school was decorated beautifully with tri-colour balloons, kites, streamers and flowers.

Our students spoke a few lines about Republic Day exhibiting their patriotism. To highlight the multicultural fabric of the country, the children were dressed up in saffron, white and green and danced beautifully to a patriotic number and sang songs. The well synchronised parade and exercises performed by the children of Prep amazed and elated one and all. Through these performances, the children showed their spirit of national pride.

Handwriting Competition

It started with scribbles and crayons and now its pencils.

Children were given an opportunity to display their good handwriting skills on 28th January. With patience and perseverance, they exhibited their creativity in writing.

Medical Check Up

A team of doctors from Aakash hospital, Malviya Nagar visited our school on 20th and 21st of January for a medical check-up. They checked height, weight, eyes and overall health of the children.


Christmas - In December, the spirit of Christmas fills the air, the time for merry making and togetherness. On this happy occasion, the school wore a festive look and a Christmas tree was decorated beautifully.

On 23rd December, our Prep class children presented a beautiful show on "Nativity Play" depicting the birth of Christ and carols were sung. They also presented a peppy dance number to share their joy and happiness. The school distributed biscuits and candies to all the children. The whole program brought out the essence of caring and compassion for one and all.

Quiz Competition

An in house quiz competition was held on 22nd December for the Prep children. The children were given an exposure to face the challenges of life through this activity. The show was conducted by the respective class teachers in their own classes and children were asked questions related to the EVS topics and current affairs. Children enjoyed the activity thoroughly and had a commendable experience of competitive spirit.


The festival of lights was celebrated in our school on the 6th of November. The school wore a festive look with flowers, garlands, diyas, lights and colourful rangolis.

Teachers explained the significance of the festival in the morning assembly. Our nursery children danced on a melodious 'deepavali' song. They also enacted scenes of Govardhan Puja and Bhaiya Duj.

Children's Day

Children's day was celebrated on 9th November as the school observed Diwali break on 14th November.

To mark this special day, our teachers entertained the children through various activities. A peppy dance performance was presented before the children by some teachers while other teachers mesmerised them with a hilarious song. Besides, the main attraction of the program was "Michael Magician" (our school teacher Varsha Goenka) who managed to spell magic on the little ones and enthralled all young and adults.

Talent Week

To mark the occasion of Talent Week, a show and tell competition was held for Prep children on 23rd November wherein our children spoke on their favourite toys. They showed their confidence and fondness while speaking on their favourite toys. It was a great platform provided to the young ones to showcase their talents.


On 24th November, the eve of Guru Nanak Jayanti, GFNS celebrated "Gurupurab". A special assembly was observed to pay due respects to Guru Nanak. In the assembly, one our teachers dressed up as Guru Nanak and narrated the story of the saint.

Neighbourhood Week

The children of GFNS visited the neighbourhood post office and fire station on 27th and 30th of November respectively, to mark "Neighbourhood Week".

Our toddlers curiously observed how the letters are stamped, sorted and put in different shelves in the order of their delivery destinations. They also learnt the importance of a Post Office.

A visit to the Jor Bagh fire station was a great experience for our children. They were excited to see fire engines, long ladders, firemen costume and huge hose-pipes used to douse the fire. With great enthusiasm, they observed each function of the fire station and were thrilled to share their experience with many.

Gandhi Jayanti

The school celebrated Gandhi Jayanti on 1st October. Children paid a rich tribute to the "Father of the Nation". Our teachers explained the significance of the "Three monkeys". Saransh Kaundilya of Prep-B dressed up like Gandhiji, spoke a few words and sang the song "Raghupati Raghava" in chorus with the other children.

Show and Tell

It was a great opportunity for the toddlers to take the centre stage on 6th October where they spoke on their favourite toys. They spoke with confidence and expressed their fondness for the same. The event was witnessed by young and adults.


The essence of human virtues were taught to the children through the dramatization of the mythological story of Ramayana popularly known as "Ramlila". The five days' episodic enactment by the Prep children brought the festive fervour to the school.

Our students dressed up as different characters of Ramayana and put their best foot forward to showcase their acting skills. It was a treat to watch the little ones enact each character be it Ram, Sita or Ravana with near perfection.

The drama depicted the birth of Lord Rama, his childhood days, his exile and his fight with Ravana for Sita's honour. This ended with the moral of triumph of good over evil. Children also presented a joyful Bengali dance to celebrate Durga Puja.

Visits & Picnic

On 1st, 2nd and 24th of September, our school children enjoyed a picninc at Nehru Park and also visited Jagannath temple, Hauz Khas and Gurudwara at Vasant Vihar.

It was a breather for the children from the regular classroom learning. They played games, rolled on the lush green grass and experienced nature. The children also visited temple and Gurudwara and experienced the sanctity of a devotional place. They paid their respects to God and had Prasadam.

Fancy dress on National leaders

On 3rd September, our children dressed up like National leaders and spoke a few lines on each character in the morning assembly. It was an enchanting experience for the students and the teachers to see such leaders in their best of attire.


The birthday of Lord Krishna was celebrated on 4th September with great fanfare. A colourful show was put up by the children, which depicted the birth of Lord Krishna and his childhood. To celebrate the spirit of festivity, children sang songs and performed dance. The whole school wore a festive look.

Teachers' Day

A teacher plays an important role in the life of a student. Keeping this in mind, Teachers' Day was celebrated on 4th September. A special assembly was held to mark the occasion where our students Isha and Ishani of Prep-D spoke a few words expressing their gratitude towards the teachers.

Germination Process

Germination is a process by which a plant grows from a seed. It was quiet fascinating to observe the children holding the transparent glass , putting the seeds to germinate and waiting patiently for the seeds to grow into plants. Wow! the smiles reflected their achievement. It provided a great opportunity to build basic science and nature knowledge along the way.

Nutrition Week

"Good health is the abode of Good mind". Therefore, healthy eating habits should be inculcated at an early age. To match up to this good spirit, our children observed "Nutrition Week" from 28th September to 1st October. Children were given a fixed menu for the week which included healthy and nutritious food. This was to encourage the children to eat a balanced diet which is good for their health.

Independence Day

On 14th August 2015 , the eve of the glorious 69th anniversary of Independence Day of India, our GFNS children brought the fervour of patriotism through a glowing tribute to the motherland and her immortal heros.

The theme of the celebration was "India her People and her Heritage" . The whole school was decorated with the charts of picturesque monuments , tri-colour balloons, floral danglers, kites and garlands. The spirit of Independence reverberated with the unfurling of the National Flag by the chief guest Mr. Rahul Kapoor followed by the National Anthem. Our toddlers put their best foot forward and show-cased their talents through ramp walk , dance and songs which conveyed the message of "Unity in Diversity".

Our honourable chief guest was overwhelmed to see the young ones perform and congratulated the children and teachers for their hard work.

Fruit Chaat Activity

"An apple a day keeps the doctor at bay" We are all familiar with this adage. Keeping this in mind the school organised 'Fruit chaat' activity for the children in order to keep them healthy and fit and also to make them aware of the need and importance of fruits in our daily diet.

Our enthusiastic children brought fruits of different types from home and handed over to their class teachers. Teachers explained the goodness and importance of each fruit and helped the children in making of fruit chaat . It was a great enjoyment for the children to have delicious fruit chaat sitting together.

Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi the festival of tying the knot of amity and brotherhood symbolizes an eternal bond between a brother and sister. To celebrate this happy and auspicious occasion our girls dressed in traditional attire tied Rakhi in boys hands to strengthen the bond and express love for their friends, They offered sweets and in return received chocolates. They also presented a dance and song related to rakhi festival.

Welcome Week

The school re-opened on 1st July 2015 after a long summer break. Our children ,filled with fun and frolic, joined school back with a broad smile. Teachers were at the gate to welcome them with colourful balloons. Children were happy to get back to school and share their experiences with friends and teachers. They eagerly talked about how they spent their holidays. Besides, they presented their summer projects on " best out of waste ." The whole school wore a colourful look with balloons and special display boards. The main attraction of the day was the surprise visit of the MICKY MOUSE who entertained the children. Children shook their hands, touched and felt the presence of their favourite cartoon character.

Making of Magic Bag

The school is continuously endeavouring to broaden the horizon of children through various fun-filled activities. "Magic bag activity" was one such group activity wherein our children put their efforts to decorate a big paper bag with the picture cutouts of a vowel words. Through this activity they not only enhanced their vocabulary skill but also enjoyed the spirit of team work too.

Monsoon Splash

Monsoon Week was celebrated from 6th - 10th July. Our children soaked themselves in an array of activities to celebrate the week. They made gumboots, mushrooms, paper boats , umbrellas and peacocks as part of their art and craft activity. Teachers presented PPTs on rainy season. Children enjoyed races related to the season and experienced the nature and its creatures (earthworm, snail etc) that are seen during rainy season. In addition, Aditya Apoorva of Nur- E and Twisha Jain of Prep- G spoke brilliantly on this season in the Morning Assembly.

Cleanliness Week

"Keep yourself clean and keep your surroundings clean", The school observed "CLEANLINESS WEEK" with this slogan. Our children engaged themselves in various activities in order to keep the school and themselves clean . Regular talks by the teachers in the morning assembly enriched the knowledge of our students and spread awareness amongst them about the health hazards as well. Besides, they made waste paper basket and observed litter free and health and hygiene day.

Health and Hygiene Day - It was a treat for the eyes to see the children coming to school neatly dressed with well trimmed nails, smartly combed hair and shining shoes on 23rd July to mark Health and Hygiene Day . Teachers sensetised the toddlers with the do's and don'ts for good health in the morning assembly . Ashish Tiwari of Prep -E and Pradumnya Singh of Nur- B spoke confidently on the topic and mesmerised one and all.

Lemonade Activity

At the onset of the summer, our toddlers were engaged in one such activity where they learnt to make lemonade to quench their thirst. The little ones lent their tiny hands in squeezing lemon, stirring sugar and salt in water in making lemonade. They observed the process minutely and learnt the goodness of lemon in summer. At last, they enjoyed the refreshing drink.

Mother's Day

It is the day of celebration of motherhood. A mother is the most important and precious person in our life. She plays a significant role in grooming a child. In order to honour this important person, our toddlers made a beautiful "Mothers' Day" greeting card for their loving mothers to show their love and respect for her.

Rabindra Jayanti

On 8th of May, our students paid a rich tribute to the great poet and novelist Rabindranath Tagore to mark the occasion of Rabindra Jayanti, the 154th birth anniversary of Tagore. The programme started with an opening speech by a teacher followed by recitations by Vivian Palit and Shaoni Ghosh of Prep E. The little ones witnessed the enthusiastic participation of their young friends. The toddlers tapped their tiny feet and danced to melodious tunes by Tagore. The programme ended with a chorus song which enthralled the young and adult alike.

Fun Day - Ice cream day

To welcome the summer season, our children of Prep class had a memorable day on 7th of May. As you know, our constant endeavour is to make learning enjoyable for the children through various child centric activities. Keeping this in mind, our children had fun day ice-cream day on this day.

The whole school (Nursery and Prep) children spent their entire day at A-2 block, Green Fields School amidst loads of fun filled activities. They experienced Nature Walk in the school garden, ran races in the school ground, where the winners received prizes. They enjoyed swings and slides, played games, jumped on a huge bouncy, portrayed their imagination on their drawing books and finally to beat the heat, they had a dollop of ice-cream.

The whole day was celebrated with lot of enthusiasm and gusto which made it a memorable day for the kids.

Welcome Week

The new session commenced on 1st April 2015 . A warm welcome was extended to the children by the teachers to make the new entrants comfortable . The whole school was decorated with colourful balloons and sweets were distributed to the children . They had lots of fun-filled activities to mark the very first day of the session . They made " smiley" and " flower" as a part of their art & craft activity which they carried home to show to their parents. Besides, our teachers presented a special assembly on " colours" in a form of Puppet show. They dressed up as colour queens with a crown on their heads and presented themselves in different shades of colours in a form of a rainbow carrying the word " WELCOME".

Easter Bunny

The happy festival of Easter was celebrated on 6th of April . As we know ' Bunny' is the symbol of Easter which signifies a rabbit bringing Easter eggs. To mark this day, our children made Easter eggs as a part of their art & craft activity.


On 13th of April the novel beginning of a new season " Baishak" marks the celebration of the festival of harvestation. Children were told about the importance of this festival in the morning assembly and they made 'Dhol' as a part of their art & craft activity.

Earth Day

On 22nd April our tiny tots lent their tiny hands to keep The Mother Earth healthy and clean. The day kick-started with the morning assembly wherein our teachers Ms. Amardeep Kaur ,Ms. Shalini and Ms, Aruna Fernandez apprised the children of the importance of " Mother Earth " . They narrated a wonderful story of Earth and it's flora and fauna. Our children got to know how this 'Mother Earth' is created and how it is getting destroyed, They also learnt how to preserve it's natural resources. Besides, our toddlers participated in few activities like Hand Printing, Collage Making and Colouring the Mother Earth under the guidance of Ms. Neelima. The Hand Prints contained the following slogans:

  • This hand picks up the garbage.
  • This hand remembers to turn off the light.
  • This hand planted a tree.