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Green Fields Nursery School true to it's name is a home away from home where an imaginative & colourful ambience is provided to nurture the carefree young saplings till they blossom. An all round education is imparted in a fun filled environment where teaching and learning are carried out in an interactive manner in an atmosphere of love and care.

The children are exposed to a wide spectrum of experiences bringing about amazing changes in them while broadening their horizon and developing their intellect. Value based ecucation plays a pivotal role in education at GFNS wherein social, moral and spiritual values are taught keeping in mind India's rich cultural heritage and traditions.

Please click on the images to view each album. We have shown a lot of good quality snaps from our events which take a few moment to download.
Quiz Competition

Quiz competition for the Prep children was held on 15th February.The children were given an exposure to take up the challenge in life .This enables them to think from different angles or simply to think "out of the box ".

The show was conducted by one of our teachers and children were asked questions related to E.V.S. topic and current affairs. Children enjoyed the activity thoroughly and thus instills team spirit in them.


Spellathon is an unique competition for the children. This was conducted in school on 16th Feb mainly to focus on vocabulary, pronunciation and understanding of words.

Our Prep children participated in this competition and they enjoyed it thoroughly . Children were asked spelling of several words and they have shown outstanding skill in spelling out some of the difficult words.

Republic Day

Gfns celebrated 68th Republic Day on 25th January with full spirit and fervor.

The school was decorated beautifully with tri-colour balloons and flowers.

A special assembly was held to mark the occasion wherein one of our students, Md Ziddan of Nursery -E spoke few lines about this eventful day exhibiting his love for the country.

The well synchronized parade and march past by the prep children amazed one and all. In order to highlight the multi cultural fabric of the country,the children of the nursery class were dressed up in costumes of different states, thus showing " Unity in Diversity".

The programme ended with a patriotic song and a zestful dance performance.

Nature Walk

Going for a nature walk with the children is an excellent way to inspire love and appreciation for the nature.

Keeping this in mind, Nature Walk to A-2 Block ,Green Fields School on 23rd November had given the opportunity to the tiny tots to learn about the nature .They learnt to take care of plants and also learnt the usage of various tools used by the gardener.


The children of Green Fields Nursery School went on a picnic to Lodhi Garden and Nehru Park on 6th December.

Our zestful children were very excited to see lush green Nehru Park and Lodhi Garden with the monumental tomb.

The children carried their favourite goodies and enjoyed the experience of sharing and eating together. They played games.ran races ,sang songs .A day filled with fun and frolic.

Post Office and Fire Station

On December 19th and 20th our children visited Safdarjung Post Office and Lodhi Road Fire Station.

They were very excited as it was their first ever visit with their friends and teachers. They curiously noticed how the letters were stamped , sorted and placed on different shelves as per the area to be delivered.

In the Lodhi Road Fire Station our children learnt various functions of the fire engine. They minutely noticed how the firefighters douse the fire with the hosepipe. It was an educational and fun-filled trip which had a lasting impression on their young minds.


On 23rd December the whole school celebrated Christmas with great spirit and enthusiasm. The school wore a festive look with red and white balloons, bells, santa and beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Children observed the nativity play, enjoyed dance, sang carols and had their favourite eats.


On 11th November school celebrated Guru Nanak Jayanti, the birthday of the 1st Sikh Guru. A special assembly was held to mark the occasion. In the assembly , one of our teacher dressed up as Guru Nanak and narrated the biography of the saint.

Children's Day

Children's day celebrated with full spirit and enthusiasm .The day began with the special assembly where one of our teacher talked about Chacha Nehru,as his birthday celebrated as children's day.

On this special day our teachers presented some hilarious poem before the children to entertain them. They also tapped their feet on a peppy number and made the program more lively. The main attraction of the day was 'Aunty Monica' played by the school Headmistress Mrs Akshi Dewan.

Show and Tell Competition

Our toddlers from Prep and Nursery class showcased their talent and creativity through 'Show and Tell Competition'. They spoke about their favourite transport with confidence and have expressed their fondness for the same. The event was witnessed by young and adults.

Fancy Dress Competition

The school organized Fancy Dress Competition for the nursery children on 18 th of November.

The children dressed up and presented themselves as helpers of the society in various profession viz. doctors , nurses, teachers, farmers , policemen etc. They mesmerized one and all while speaking on each profession.

We extend our profound gratitude to the parents for all their support and co-operation to make the occasion an eventful one.

Gandhi Jayanti

On 1st of October, our students paid a small tribute to the Father of the Nation to commemorate Bapu's birthday. In the morning assembly, our children sang bhajan, Raghupati raghav and spoke a few words on Mahatma. One of our teachers narrated the story of 'three monkeys' where Bapu conveyed his messaage of 'Bura Maat Suno', 'Bura Maat Dekho' and 'Bura Maat Kaho'.


School observed Ramlila celebration from 3rd to 7th October. Our Prep children dressed in different characters of Ramayana and enacted the role of Rama, Sita, Lakhsman, Ravan etc. for 5 days.

The episodic enactment from the mythological story of Ramayana brought festive fervour in the school.


It was a festive spirit at GFNS where the whole school celebrated 'Diwali' on 27th of October.

The school wore a bright and colourful look with diyas, garlands, lanterns and rangolis. Our tiny tots presented a spectacular dance performance and depicted the story of Govardhan Puja and Bhaidooj. Besides, the significance of Diwali was told to the children in the Morning assembly.

Teachers Day

On 5th September Teachers' Day was celebrated in school. A special assembly was held to mark the occasion . Our teachers spoke a few words on Dr SarvapalliRadhakrishnan,the famous educationist.Chidren of Nur-C (HritikaBohra) and Prep-D(MaishaaManauar) spoke on Teachers' Day and expressed their love and respect for the teachers.

Ganesh Chaturthi

The school celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi on 5 thSeptember . One of our teacher narrated the story of Lord Ganesha in the morning assembly to enrich the knowledge of our children.Our tiny tots sang Ganesh Vandana and teachers performed Ganesh aarti.

Nutrition Week

School observed Nutrition week from 26th Sept - 30th Sept Children were given a fixed menu for the week which included healthy and nutritious food like vegetable pulao,upma,stuffedparantha,poha etc.. This activity was to encourage the children to eat a balanced diet which is good for their health.


Our children carried out a very interesting activity using chana ,jau and rajma seeds for a period of one week to experience and understand the process of Germination.They were excited to see how shoots come out of a seed and thereafter grow into a sapling.

Independence Day

Children of Green Fields Nursery School celebrated Independence Day with full festive fervour. They holistically involved in the celebration on 12th August to celebrate 70th Anniversary of Independent India.

They paid a rich tribute to their motherland and her great heroes through songs, dances and skit.

The chief guests for this occasion were Mrs. Shewta Kapoor and Mr. Anil Khanna respectively.

They witnessed the scintillating performance of our children and appreciated the teachers as well as the children for their hard work.


The sacred occasion of 'Rakhi' celebrated in school on 17th of August.

Our girls dressed in traditional attire tied the Rakhi, the thread of protection embellished with love and affection on the boys wrist to strengthen the bond.

In return the boys gifted them a Chocolate. This was followed by singing of a Rakhi song.


Shri Krishna Janmasthami, the birthday of Lord Krishna was celebrated on 24th August with great fanfare.

The whole school wore a festive look with posters, tableaux, flowers and garlands. Our children enthralled one and all through a colourful dance drama, depicted the birth and childhood of Lord Krishna. Everyone took Prasad and rocked Baby Krishna's cradle.

Fruit Chaat

Healthy diet is essential for the overall growth and development of the children. Keeping this in my mind our school organized Fruit Chaat activity for the children on 29th August.

The parents were asked to send one fruit for this activity. Children with lot of enthusiasm handed over their fruits to the respective class teachers and lend out their hands in making of the fruit chaat. It was a great experience for the children to learn and know the nutritive value of fruits.

Welcome Week

Our tiny tots filled with fun and frolic, came back to school on 4 th July after a long summer vacation. Teachers were at the gateto welcome them .They were excited to get back to school and were exchanging notes with their friends and teachers .They also shared their experiences about their visits during the holidays. The main attraction of the week were the Summer projects, ' Best out of Waste' made by the children with the guidance of their parents.

Monsoon Mania Week

'Pit, pat, patter' the drops of the rain made the children super excited to celebrate 'Monsoon Mania' week from 11th to 15th July.

Children made clouds, frogs, snails, boats, umbrellas, corn-cobs etc as a part of their Art and Craft activity. They ran race with umbrella. Special Assemblies on Monsoon season presented by our teachers apprised the children a vivid description of the season. Children from Prep Class, Adrija Paul and PradyumnSing also spoke a few lines on the monsoon.

Health and Hygiene Week

Children observed 20th July as Health and Hygiene Day. They came to school neatly dressed with trimmed nails and polished shoes. They also made waste paper basket for their class to throw litters as a part of their Art and Craft activities. Besides, a plethora activities have kept the young one on toes as a school maintained Health and Hygiene week from 18th to 22nd July. Every day our children like Aarush ,Kunal, NavyaMdZiddanand Hriday spoke on the topic in the morning assembly. Special Assemblies by teachers on Health and Hygiene and regular talks enriched the knowledge of the children and also make them aware of the health hazards and its precautions to be taken.

Rabindra Jayanti

On 9th May our children paid a rich tribute to Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore through song, dance and poem . Children were told about the noble laureate and his contribution in Indian literature. The program was enjoyed by young and adults.

Fun day Ice-cream day

Fun day Ice -cream day was celebrated on 6th and 9th of May with lot of enthusiasm and gusto.

The whole school enjoyed the visit to A2 Block , Green Fields School. They ran races ,jumped on bouncy and had a dollop of ice-cream vendor. The day went off in fun and frolic.

Earth Day

On 22nd April our teachers organized a special assembly, aimed at creating awareness about the Earth Day. The importance of 'Mother Earth' and the role of every citizen in promoting sustainability were told to the children.

Our students participated in a few activities like hand printing collage making and colouring under the guidance of their class teachers.

Lemonade Activity

'A glass of fresh lemonade is always a welcome drink for one and all in the scorching heat.' Therefore, the art of making lemonade was taught to the children through a fun filled activity on 27th April.

The toddler activity participated in making of the refreshing drink with their teachers. They keenly observed the process and lent out their hands in squeezing lemon, mixing sugar and stirring salt. They enjoyed the drink and learnt the process with a lot of enthusiasm.